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Train line to Blackfriars

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I am about to move to Upland Road, Dulwich and am trying to my my journey to work close to southwark tube. I have worked out a few options yet they are all likely to be long so any advice form those who have experience would be great. I will rely on buses on Lordship lane to get me to the station as the walk is too long and then one of these:

East Dulwich to Blackfriars - this is the best arriving station for me yet is it closed due to works???

East Dulwich to London Bridge

Honour Oak Park to London Bridge



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Hi - there's a lot of work being done to expand Blackfriars Station. The tube station there will be closed for quite some time but the overland line from Peckham Rye to Blackfriars still runs during normal hours (ie. to and from work) and only takes 10-12min. The 12 and 197 from Barry Rd go via Peckham Rye Station. Alternatively you could get a bus to ED station and then change after one stop but that may take you longer...

Alternatively, you could take the 63 bus that runs along Peckham Rye Park and takes about 40min to Southwark tube station, but rush hour around Elephant & Castle may well add to that.

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I'd recommend the 63 bus as well - get it every day to Farringdon, so just a few stops further on from Southwark station. It will take around 45 mins, but you'll always get a seat if you get it from Honour Oak - plus they are so regular.
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Either get the Bus (number 12) from Barry Road (I assume you're closer to that than Peckham Rye after you mentioned Lordship Lane) direct to Peckham Rye station, then direct train to Blackfriars.


From Lordship Lane get the Bus (176, 40, 185) direct to Denmark Hill station, then direct train to Blackfriars.

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SeanMacGabhann Wrote:


> I get the bus (any which goes to E&C) - takes 20

> minutes early morning and walk the rest to

> Blackfriars - another 20. But if you are going to

> Southwark, call it a 10-15 minute walk


> So 30 mins easily doable

What sort of made up time in the morning is that Sean? Half an hour to Elephant unless you're going at dawn o'clock...

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Sean pushes on up the Blackfriars Road in the pre-dawn.

His quickening stride echoes through the ancient streets beneath, mingling with the long-entombed footsteps of untold millions.

Ahead of him the dark river carries the last of the night's refuse towards a remote, and inevitable, estuarial indifference.

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