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Was chatting to Mrs Keef about names yesterday (no we don't have any "news"), and we were commenting on how names are fashionable at different times with different "groups"....

Something like Emily is timeless, and will always be popular, as will Matthew, David.... basically biblical names...

However, we were thinking of things like Chloe... All the Chloes that I've known of my sort of age group have been from rather middle class type backgrounds, but now, it's not popular at all with the yummy mummies, and is viewed as a bit "chav" (a word that I no longer like) name....

On the other hand, Jack and Max are really rather popular with the YMs, but those are names which used to be far from posh...... "Jack the Hat".... ;-)

Can people think of other names that have done a similar turnaround?

Aaaanyway, just a conversation we had that I thought I'd share because I'm bored :-S

PS. Sorry to any Chloes out there, I think it's a lovely name!

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I know a number of friends/family who have gone with George, Archie and Freddie. I guess Freddie might have always stayed pretty neutral on the posh/not barometer. I don't know anyone of my age or can think of anyone from school called any of these names.
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Caitlin Moran wrote a good piece about this a while back... how the YMs are all naming their kids after Victorian under-parlour maids, harking back to some largely-imagined past idyll, whereas the single teenage mums on benefits were opting for more aspirational names... tried to find it online but have sadly failed. Woe is me.
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Chloe is a very pretty name - I don't think it has really gone 'chavvy', has it?

If you like a name (and its meaning) you should go for it! And whatever you do, when you find one you really, really like, keep it secret until the birth! Friends/relatives tend to make it clear if they don't agree, even when they don't mean to. This can be very off-putting if you reveal your ultimate favourite!

Anyway, at the risk of being controversial, chavs make up names for their kids nowadays, or spell them in mad, peculiar ways! Like 'Kamihlla' - sigh.

I thought I was being really clever and individual with my choices - lo and behold, they are ten a penny round here. Makes me wish I had called them 'Chelsea' and 'Ryan'! Perhaps I will!


(Blog: PoshMum)

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Why doesn't anyone call their child Anne or Mary anymore? They are unusual and cannot be made fun of. I worked with an enormous rugger bugger type man once, whose wife looked like his identical twin, they both dragged their knuckles on the floor when the walked. They had a daughter a few years ago and they called her 'Fleur' - a lovely fragile, pretty, feminine name. They really should have called her Marigold or something like that. Something sturdy and attractive - a name that suited the child.

I myself have called my real daughter Index, because it is like India - but just a bit different. I have called my son Argos because it is the greek word for handsome stranger - the name of my sons father.


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Hey DM...long time no speak!

Yes, probably more.

Argos and Index sound like such wonderful offspring - such breeding!

As for 'biggapainindaass' - she has just been suspended (again) for being alive (her words again).

I am really getting into tough love now.

As for popular names I have recently observed the following:





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I had Aunts Edie, Grace and one called Willomena (not the actual spelling because I can't spell it!) whom we called Ena.

I also had a great aunt Evelyn - prounced Ev-lyn and not Eve-lyn which I thought was how all such people named would pronounce it, until I came across the writings of Evelyn Waugh!

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My great aunt was called Annice. Have never come across this anywhere else. Also, saw a website that said a teacher oop north had listed some of the great names her kids were called. Debenham was one. Nero
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Snorky know you're a bit of a wind up merchant, but I really really hope you're joking.

Does anybody remember the story a while back where Mr and Mrs Wall in Preston or somesuch were refused permission by the registry office to call their twins Brick and Stone?

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mockney piers Wrote:


> Snorky know you're a bit of a wind up merchant,

> but I really really hope you're joking.


This is 100% true. I would also dismiss it, if I had not witnessed it myself

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