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Window cleaner scam in the area


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As suggested by Quaywe, I've made this an announcement - please be aware of window cleaners asking for money in advance - Thread has been locked too The Administrator

I've followed with interest the recent discussion of local door-to-door scammers (the cloth sellers, the guy who is locked out of his house etc.) I have strong suspicions that there is another on the scene.

A guy came to the door yesterday afternoon with the line "We're cleaning windows, do you want yours done? Whenever I try you normally there's nobody in." I'm open to the offer, but he tells me his team are down at Tell Grove (I'm at the other end of Melbourne) so won't be up this end for a while, but "when would suit me for them to come?". After friendly discussion, we agree 9am tomorrow is fine. He then says "ok, ?10 for the front, ?10 for the back", I think yes, bit on the expensive side, but since we can never get the back windows done, may as well bite the bullet. He says "Great, guys will be here at 9am, you can pay now if you want, save me coming back." I say I never pay up front on principle, I can pay the guys when they come." "Oh, they never take the money, so when would be good for me to come round to collect?" We agree Monday pm is best, and he shoots off.

It's all so chummy and plausible. I really could so easily have handed over the ?20, despite having fallen for scams in the past. I didn't but I'll bet that half the time, people say "what the heck, I'll pay up front to save the hassle".

At 9am this morning I might get a BIG surprise when a couple of window cleaners turn up. More likely, however, we'll never see this bloke or "his guys" again. I'll keep you posted...

By the way, a description of the "window cleaner": stocky, white, maybe about 40.

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I was 'done' by this guy about 6 months ago, and being a nice gullible female parted with my ?20. He gave me the same story, but offered to give me his mobile number! Then went on to explain that when I call I will hear music (Madness, It must be love) but don't worry, he'll know I called and will call me straight back - needless to say I never heard or saw him again!

Felt like a total idiot.


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Our Windows are regularly cleaned by a nice chap (in Nunhead). Saying that I think his daugther has taken over the business and we only see him if we are out and he pops round to collect. He is reputable and only charges ?4 for the front of the house. We have a victorian terrace with bay windows upstairs and downstairs. Unless you have a huge mansion ?10 is way way too much.

I remember before using our current window cleaner someone else quoting us ?10 for front and ?10 for back. When this particular person did turn up he spent 2 hours doing a few windows and asked for a cheese sandwich for lunch!! Told him no so he went off (he said for something to eat) and never return.

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this guy got me on Friday. Strangely after his 'guys' didnt turn up at 1pm as he said, he called me @ 5pm and said they'd be there the next day, which of course they weren't. This guy said he was the upstairs flat window cleaner as well, so I fell hook line and sinker. Anyone reported this guy to the ugly building on Lordship Lane (Police station)???

Guy was again very personable, chatty and helpful. Called himself Tony and 'Starlight Cleaners'.

Very Very annoyed and still getting ear ache about it from the Mrs

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Quaywe Wrote:


> Next Victim: If you got the balls (most Londoners

> don't) when he calls - say no - call the Police

> and tail him until they get there.

Call the police yes, but don't "tail" him, because 1. he might spot you and get nasty, and 2. the police will probably take ages, so you'll probably be tailing for a fair while.

I can't believe you used the word "tail" ;-)

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