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The Best Bar in East Dulwich 2007 award - discussion


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Shortly our local Landlords will be polishing their pumps and telling their staff to be on their best behaviour as it's almost time for the people to vote for the Best Bar in East Dulwich 2007. The Black Cherry won last year and they are still proudly displaying their trophy behind the bar. This year, considering we have a lot more users to the site, there'll be a lot more panache and desire attached to this prestigious award.

I'm mentioning it in the Lounge initially as I want to check that I have all the bars in East Dulwich on my list and I know people in here like a drink or two. Please note that as much as I would like to include close-by places such as the Gowlett and the George Canning I'm afraid they are out the area and I have to draw the line somewhere. Here's the list:


Green & Blue

Inside 72


The Bishop

The Black Cherry

The Castle

The Clock House

The Crystal Palace Tavern (CPT)

The Drum

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT)

The Forest Hill Tavern (FHT)

The Harvester

The Herne

The Palmerston

The Magdala

The Plough

The Vale


Are there any pubs/bars missing? The voting will probably start next week and run for two weeks.

Oh, and the reason it's the "best bar" and not the "best pub or bar" is because it's too tight to fit it on the trophy plaque. And all pubs have a bar.

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I was hinking about this, and have a suggestion, although it's probably to much of a pain to sort out.

Rather than just having one vote, how about everyone votes for their top 2 or 3, with their number one getting 3 points, number ywo, 2 points, and number three 1 point. Would be interesting to see how that came out in the wash.

NOTE: You could do 2 votes, giving 3 and 1 points like in the footy.

ANOTHER NOTE: You could just ignore my meddling and stick to the normal vote.

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Brendan Wrote:


> Are there criteria against which to rate bars or

> is it purely personal opinion?

no criteria, just what you think is the best bar in East Dulwich.

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