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EDF on BBC 6pm news


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I wonder if this is due to Dulwichquine...her thread "are you waiting for a post office parcel"? If so thank you and jolly well done dulwichquine ...maybe now the sorting office will be shamed into providing a proper service.

Admin: is it possible to merge the various threads relating to EDF on the 6.00pm news, please? There are quite a few of them now. Thanks.

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dulwichquine Wrote:


> Hi there, yes it was my intial post that led to

> mention on national news...

I thought it was...three big fat cheers for dulwichquine: hip hip hooray...hip hip hooray...hip hip hooray!

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There were two brief appearances of Lordship Lane on Horizon on BBC2 this evening too. It was a programme about the effects of drinking too much alcohol. The presenter was in a cab on his way to the Maudsley to have his brain scanned after imbibing at several hostelries en route. (Actually that last bit is not true).
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