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Some little sh!t just spat in my face!


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I can't believe this, I was getting off the train at Sydenham, and some little rudeboy tried to barge his way past me, so I made sure he met a solid barrier, and said something like "you idiot". He said "you're lucky I don't spit in your face", to which I said "fu*k off".

Anyway, he jumped back off the train and started coming after me, so I turned round ready for him to kick off, and he literally gobbed right in my face, then turned and ran back on to the train as the doors were closing, leaving me stood there wondering what the hell just happened.

Now, I'm not too bothered now I've calmed down, although I wish I could bump in to the little sh!t again! However, it raises the question, is this common?

For me, spitting in someone's face is disgusting, and bloody cowardly! I'd honestly rather he'd trid to hit me, in fact, I think I'd rather he actually connected.

Guess in the future I should just let these tw@ts barge past me and say nothing, because the really annoying thing is, had I kicked the sh!t out of him, it would be me who was in big trouble. I am just shocked at the front of it, and also the whole spitting thing... Not to mention the sheer volume of gob he had in his mouth!

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I doubt it is common man. Just bad luck and I suppose it happens from time to time when dealing with a lot of the scum that populate this city.

Not much you can do. It?s just a pity you didn?t get a chance to get a hand on him. Although even if you had you would probably still be just as pissed off but at least he would think twice about doing shit like that again.

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Maybe it was the same little c**t I encountered a few months ago (also at Sydenham), asked him to turn down his tinny little music playing on his mobile so he got off the train and preceded to threaten me with extreme violence from the safety of the other side of the window (after making sure the door had closed of course).
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Keef, sorry to hear about this, it sounds truely horrible and upsetting. Only thoughts I have was "it" in school uniform, if so if you can identify the school contact them and describe the little "it" to them. Otherwise not sure what else to say.
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That's pretty much my plan Atila, just wish I'd reacted quicker, but I was shocked. Besides, as I say, had I gotten my hands on him, it would have been me in trouble.

No school uniform I don't think. He had a blue coat done up, didn't notice trousers. I'm not very good at descriptions, basically black kid, 16-18 I'd say (not a young teen, but not yet fully bulked out like an adult man) 5ft8ish. Basically you guys probably won't ever see him, and I probably never will again either...

... but if I do, I hope it's on a quiet dark street and it's just the 2 of us!

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